Advent Comics – Final – This is a long one folks.

Sorry for the delay! Hope you all had a good holiday! Ooo, that rhymes.

Final Day 1

Final Day 2

Final Day 3

Final Day 4

I had huge writer’s block with this final one. Anyway, thanks for reading and best wishes in the new year!

Advent Comics – Day 23 – Lots of Sound Effects!

Sorry again for the lateness. There will be more unfortunately, the final chapter is going to take longer than I thought so please bear with me. It will be up in the next few days. Until then you can read the Advent Comics from last year that are linked to at the top of this blog.

Day 23 Part 1

Day 23 Part 2

Advent Comics – Day 20 – Those donuts really are that good.

Day 21 will be up in an hour or so.

Day 20

Again, I’m not sure what the hell the model is.

A bit of a delay.

I have the comics shot for the 20th and 21st, but due to my back problems and a prior commitment (a charity event I’m volunteering for) they will not be up until Sunday night.

Sorry for the delay.


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