Advent Comics 2014 – Day 16 – The one about Hot dogs and hot dog buns would have worked too.

Okay Day 17 and 18 are shot, but it is very late and I don’t think I can be funny anymore tonight. Here is 16 to wet your appetite and the other two will be up later today.

Day 16

Another delay

Day 16 and 17 are shot but will be delayed because I am very busy. Sorry about that.

Advent Comics 2014 – Day 12 – Falalalala Ah Sis Boom Bah.

Sorry about the lateness. The next ones will be late as well because I have zoo stuff tomorrow. I will get them up as soon as I can.

Day 12

Advent Comics – Day 10 – Where’s Pepper when you need her?

Sorry about the delay. I was very very busy yesterday. Here is the one for Day 10 and Day 11 will be up later today.

Day 10 a

Day 10 b


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