Lego Star Wars Advent Comics 2015 – Prologue

Hello!  Here is the exciting conclusion of what’s been happening to our heroes!



Advent Comics 2014 Final

Heh, yeah, long time no see.  I will be doing this year’s calendar as well, so I figured I should finish up the old one.  Here is the final entry and soon I’ll put up the prologue for this year’s calendar.



I haven’t forgotten.

The last few posts are coming I swear. Gary’s been eating all sorts of things and well, the calendar’s just really has not been pretty and is covered in a lot of gross things. I’ll put ’em up as soon as it’s good enough to take pictures again.

Advent Comics 2014 – Day 20 – Pop goes the Womp Rat.

Yeah, the next few days are going to be late. Sorry.

If you want to make the comic bigger, click on it and then click on the magnifying glass once you get to the photobucket page.

Day 20

Advent Comics 2014 – Day 19 – Viceroy of the Tree would also have been acceptable.

Day 20 is shot and will be up later tonight. I will do my best to shoot and get up day 21 tonight as well. Sorry for the lateness.

Day 19


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