10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Pokemon


Ten Things You Probably Don’t Know About Pokemon

  1. When Pokemon first came to the US, channels were reluctant to air it. 4Kids had to go to each station and make individual deals before they’d show it!
  2. The Japanese voice actor for the Lawrence III, the villain in Pokemon: The Movie 2000 is Takeshi Kaga. To Western audiences he’s much better known for another role, as Chairman Kaga in Iron Chef!
  3. There are two episodes in the original Pokemon cartoon that have never aired in the US in any form. Episode 35: The Legend of Dratini was never shown since it features the Safari Zone warden pointing a gun at Ash’s head. The more infamous episode though is Episode 38: Electric Soldier Porygon. A couple of flashing lights reflected in Pikachu’s eyes set off seizures in over 800 Japanese children. The episode has never been shown again anywhere in the world.
  4. There is another episode that was banned at first but was eventually severely edited and released in a flashback episode. This episode is #18 Holiday at Acopaulo, and it features a beauty contest between the female characters. The part that worried the censors though is that James decides to enter the contest as well with a pair of inflatable breasts, which he taunts Misty with during the contest!
  5. The Nintendo 64 game Pokemon Snap featured a tie-in with Blockbuster that allowed kids to bring in their game and print stickers of the photos they’d taken. It was never heavily advertised or very popular and eventually the machines quietly disappeared.
  6. The first Pokemon stuffed animals released in the US were through a promotion Kentucky Fried Chicken in 1998. Oddly, these plushies were not Pikachu or any of the starters. Instead they were Vulpix, Seel, Zubat and Dratini!
  7. In Japan Ash’s name is Satoshi, and he’s named after the creator of Pokemon, Satoshi Tajiri. Ash’s rival is called Gary in the West. However in Japan he’s called Shigeru after the creator of Super Mario Bros (and apparent rival to Satoshi Tajiri), Shigeru Miyamoto!
  8. Pokemon Yellow is a remixed version of the original Pokemon games which was changed to more closely follow the animated series. In the game Pikachu follows you around and will react to various things you do. One of the Pokemon you cannot get in the game though is Raichu. Your Pikachu is the only one in the game, and he refuses to use a Thunder Stone to evolve, just like in the cartoon!
  9. Gamefreak, the company behind Pokemon, has included their headquarters in every major Pokemon generation. You can go in and talk to staff members and find out more about the team behind the game!
  10. According to the games, Magikarp taste terrible, but Far’fetched are actually very tasty, and as a result are very rare. Perhaps it’s because each Far’fetched comes with it’s own leek seasoning?

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