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Mostly Awake Halloween – The Gravity Falls Van!

Gravity Falls is an awesome and hilarious show on the Disney channel. It stars two siblings, Dipper and Mabel Pines, who go to spend their summer with their Great Uncle Stan who runs a “Mystery Spot” tourist trap in a town called Gravity Falls. The town is filled with unexplained events, weird creatures and paranormal happenings.

I went to represent the zoo at the local Traffic Jam Festival and found this awesome Radio Disney Gravity Falls van parked out front:

Gravity Falls Van Driver Side

The van looks awesome with huge pictures of Mabel and Dipper on each side. Oh, and both sides are different too:

Gravity Falls Van Passenger Side

The Passenger Side has Mabel’s pet pig Waddles on it! Oh and there are also gnomes in Gravity Falls:

Gnome Puking Rainbows

They vomit rainbows.

I am so pleased to see Disney Channel getting behind Gravity Falls like this (I hear there is also a Phineas and Herb car), since it’s such a great show that is perfect for Halloween viewing. (I hope to see a Wander of Yonder one soon too. Get on that, Disney!) So look it up on the Disney channel and curl up for an hour or two long visit to Gravity Falls!


Mostly Awake Halloween – Tattoo Trick or Treat!


I saw these at CVS and thought about how cool these would be to give out to trick or treaters. Unfortunately, I generally have to miss our Beggar’s Night since I’m working Boo at the Zoo.

If I were a kid I would have loved to get one of these in the bag. I loved the candy, but non-candy stuff (minus toothbrushes and pennies) was extra cool. Plus these glow in the dark! That makes super special awesome cool.

So if you’re holding a party for little ones, or if you can afford to give these out as Trick or Treat prizes then consider getting these, and bring some super special awesome glow in the dark tattoos into some kid’s life.

I’m sorry I was late with this entry, but I was really tired from setting up the aforementioned Boo at the Zoo yesterday.

Mostly Awake Halloween Celebration – The Mystery Mask!

Mystery Mask

I found this mask at a local thrift store last year for ten cents.  The problem is I don’t know what it is!  I’m thinking it’s a desert nomad / Matahari kind of thing, but it could also be a gypsy I guess.

Marsino's tag

There were two tags on it.  One is for Marsino’s which is a local costume goods store that’s been around for a very long time.  They must have had this mask for a long time as well.  How do I know?  Because this was the only other tag on the mask:

Made in West Germany Tag

Yeah, this mask wasn’t just made in Germany.  It was made in WEST Germany.  That means this mask was made before East and West Germany reunited in 1990.  That means this mask is at least twenty-three years old, probably even older!

It’s held up quite well for being so old, and the paint is still nice and crisp.  Overall it’s a pretty cool little find I made, I just wish I knew more about it.

Have any ideas of your own about this mask?  Post ’em in the comments!

Creepy Crawly Spotlight – Giant African Millipede

Giant African Millipede

Giant African Millipede

This is the first in a series of articles that explore the creepy, crawly and downright scary animals that people are often afraid off. 

Giant African Millipedes are, as the name implies found in the rainforests of Africa.  They are the largest species of millipede and can grow to be almost a foot long. Their name is inaccurate though as they don’t actually have a thousand legs.  They can have up to 400 legs, four per segment of the body.

Millipedes are detritivores, which means they eat decaying plant matter.  This makes them an important part of the ecosystem since they break down dead stuff into smaller particles that will then form good healthy soil for new things to grow.  They also help loosen the bark off of trees and leave room for other smaller bugs to get in.

Some people keep Giant Millipedes as pets, however, they’re not really all that exciting and they do release a liquid form of cyanide.

Yes, I said, cyanide.  When they feel threatened, these millipedes release a fluid that consists of hydrogen cyanide which acts as an irritant to predators and makes the millipede taste bad.  It can be harmful to humans if large concentrations of the substance is encountered.  If you ever do handle a millipede just wash your hands immediately after and never put them near your eyes or mouth.  You should also avoid eating them if you’re ever trapped in an African rainforest.

Overall, the Giant African Millipede is a misunderstood guy.  He plays an important role in breaking down dead plants and overall he just wants to be left alone with his rotting leaves.

Information for this entry and the picture was taken from The Oregon Zoo website. Additional information was taken from The Rosamund Gifford Zoo and 

Mostly Awake Halloween Celebration! Horror Anime!

So Halloween season is upon us and it is time for all good bloggers to review candy, old horror films and other creepy things! Mostly Awake is going to celebrate with 31 days of non-stop Halloween goodness, and we kick things off with some recommendations for creepy anime.

I’m a huge anime fan, and as you probably know, the Japanese are no strangers to horror. Here is a sampling of some of the best free and legal horror and supernatural anime available to get you into the mood for the season.


 photo occult-academy_zps27420bc9.jpg
Occult Academy

In the year 1999 a naked man appears on the rooftop of the a strange private school where many supernatural events occur. There is met rather nastily by the surprised daughter of the former principal of the school, Maya Kumashiro. The man is Fujimaki Uchida, and he claims to be a Time Agent from the future. The pair now have to unravel the strange events that occur around the school and find out the truth of Fujimaki’s time travel before it’s too late.

While not all that scary by itself, Occult Academy is a fun ride, and does have the creepy ghostly stuff out the wazoo. It also has some very funny moments, but at it’s heart it’s a supernatural mystery show.

 photo another-novel-anime-misaki-mei-and-_zps0c104c1f.jpg

In 1972 at Yomiyama’s North Middle School, there was the death of student in Class 3-3. In their grief, the remaining students act as if their classmate was still alive, going so far as to keep the desk in the classroom and even bringing it to the graduation ceremony. They are all still stunned though when the dead girl show’s up in the graduation picture.

Since then there is always an extra desk in Class 3-3, and there is always an extra student who was not originally on the class list, who is not quite as alive as the others. The trouble is, no one can tell just who out of the class is this “extra.”

It is 26 years later, in 1998 that Kouichi Sakakibara transfers into Class 3-3, and finds the beautiful, mysterious girl Mei Misaki, that no one else seems to acknowledge.

Creepy, twisted and truly scary, Another is a great series that will hook you in, wring you out, and screw with your mind. It’s fun and unpredictable, though the ending is kind of over-the-top.

  photo adc31ed0-9c7e-45c4-892f-c356bde15546_zps2851b0e8.jpg

Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories

Yamishibai is a series of short anime featuring horror stories told in a paper cutout style of animation.

Kamishibai is an ancient Japanese art form for children where a performer would use paper cutouts and background scenery to illustrate a story he told. The stories can be incredibly complex, or very simple, but they were very popular.

Yami is the Japanese word for darkness, so by combining that with Kamishibai gives you the title Yamishibai, or Theater of Darkness.

These shorts are creepy, creepy, CREEPY! The short running time and the odd style of animation definitely add to the atmosphere of the anime very effectively.

Some shorts are more weird and scary then others. The fourth episode “Hair” is one of my favorites so far, but episode two “Zanbai” is good too. The scariest is probably the seventh episode “Contradiction.” It strongly reminds me of good creepypasta I’ve read. The series is ongoing, so there is more creepiness on the way!

 photo hellsing_ultimate_alucard_evil_eye_zpsccbb1629.jpg


Seras Victoria is a policewoman, and when her entire squad is slaughtered by vampires and their ghoul servants she is saved by yet another vampire in a red coat named Alucard who slaughters all the others. She is given a choice by this new vampire, become one of his kind or die. She chooses to become a vampire and is drawn into the shadowy world of the Hellsing organization.

The Hellsing organization is dedicated to protecting the British empire from all things supernatural. At its head is the young noblewoman Integra Hellsing, who made a contract with the very powerful vampire Alucard. Together they and their soldiers fight to save Great Britain and the Queen from a rising horde of evil vampires, and from the overly enthusiastic servants of the Vatican.

A true classic, Hellsing is a great show with deep and interesting characters. It also has incredibly kickass fight scenes. Be sure to give the dub a shot, as it’s very well done and actually uses several British actors (unlike the Japanese, who don’t often succeed at doing a good British accent).

Hellsing also has a sister series available, Hellsing Ultimate which features many of the same characters, but has a story that is more true to the original manga.

So there are my four picks for spooky anime series. Have any others to add? Leave a comment and tell me what I should add!