Mostly Awake Halloween – Tattoo Trick or Treat!


I saw these at CVS and thought about how cool these would be to give out to trick or treaters. Unfortunately, I generally have to miss our Beggar’s Night since I’m working Boo at the Zoo.

If I were a kid I would have loved to get one of these in the bag. I loved the candy, but non-candy stuff (minus toothbrushes and pennies) was extra cool. Plus these glow in the dark! That makes super special awesome cool.

So if you’re holding a party for little ones, or if you can afford to give these out as Trick or Treat prizes then consider getting these, and bring some super special awesome glow in the dark tattoos into some kid’s life.

I’m sorry I was late with this entry, but I was really tired from setting up the aforementioned Boo at the Zoo yesterday.

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I'm a freelance humor and geek writer. I collect toys, dust and early edition AD&D stuff. I also volunteer for a local zoo, where I work a lot with various events there. I also cosplay and have been regularly told I'm horrible at it. I like to review weird stuff, so you will find a lot of that on this blog. I will do my best to make it entertaining, but no guarantees, mainly because I cannot afford to reimburse people for not liking this blog. I also have a hat. It's blue. It's a good hat.

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