Mostly Awake Halloween – The Gravity Falls Van!

Gravity Falls is an awesome and hilarious show on the Disney channel. It stars two siblings, Dipper and Mabel Pines, who go to spend their summer with their Great Uncle Stan who runs a “Mystery Spot” tourist trap in a town called Gravity Falls. The town is filled with unexplained events, weird creatures and paranormal happenings.

I went to represent the zoo at the local Traffic Jam Festival and found this awesome Radio Disney Gravity Falls van parked out front:

Gravity Falls Van Driver Side

The van looks awesome with huge pictures of Mabel and Dipper on each side. Oh, and both sides are different too:

Gravity Falls Van Passenger Side

The Passenger Side has Mabel’s pet pig Waddles on it! Oh and there are also gnomes in Gravity Falls:

Gnome Puking Rainbows

They vomit rainbows.

I am so pleased to see Disney Channel getting behind Gravity Falls like this (I hear there is also a Phineas and Herb car), since it’s such a great show that is perfect for Halloween viewing. (I hope to see a Wander of Yonder one soon too. Get on that, Disney!) So look it up on the Disney channel and curl up for an hour or two long visit to Gravity Falls!


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I'm a freelance humor and geek writer. I collect toys, dust and early edition AD&D stuff. I also volunteer for a local zoo, where I work a lot with various events there. I also cosplay and have been regularly told I'm horrible at it. I like to review weird stuff, so you will find a lot of that on this blog. I will do my best to make it entertaining, but no guarantees, mainly because I cannot afford to reimburse people for not liking this blog. I also have a hat. It's blue. It's a good hat.

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